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Why users love Caller-App

"Often, I have a slot of free time and would love to connect with potential customers – with Caller-App, I can quickly call the prospects directly from my Call-List"

– Marc, Sales Manager

"eMailing/texting back & forth to schedule date & time of a Phone-Call with my friends abroad is a hassle – with Caller-App I can do it easily from my iPhone"

– Sarah, mother of three

"Often, I’d like my assistant to set up a number of Phone- Calls with my consulting clients – with Caller-App, I just eMail her my Call-List with all the phone-numbers"

– Derek, Headhunter

"I would like to keep track of the people I am calling – with Caller-App, I can easily back-up my Call-Lists in Dropbox or Evernote"

– Lyam, Vice President Webdesign

"Driving and searching for addresses on my iPhone is dangerous – with Caller-App, it’s only one click to call the people I have on my ToDo-list"

– Lisa, Account Manager Automotive

"Call it ToDo-List, Task-List, … - Caller-App helps me to work even better with the ‘Getting things done’-method (GTD)"

– Anthony, Headhunter and Personnel Consultant