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Caller-App's manual (Version 1.1)

Manual for Caller-App Version 1.1
Caller-App's Manual 2012.9 (1.1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.5 MB

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  1. Overview of Functions & Features
  2. Frequently asked Questions I FAQ

  3. Get started after Downloading Caller-App

  4. Direkt links to Caller-App's 5 Tabs
    - "Calls"-Tab
    - "Pending"-Tab
    - "+"/"Add Call"-Tab
    - "Share"-Tab
    - "Settings"-Tab

  5. Direkt links to Key Use-Cases
    - Call persons from your Call-List
    - Add persons to your Call-List
    - Manage invitations to Calls
    - Export/Share/Print Call-List

  6. Support & Feedback




Download Caller-App's Version 1.1 here (AppStore-Link)

Download manual for Version 1.0 here